Modern Day Wizards - Joe Bandel - 1 - The Last Rosicrucian

The Last Rosicrucian

On this episode of Modern Day Wizards we discuss the true meaning and origins of the Rosicrucian Order. My guest is Joe Bandel the Last Rosicrucian.

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The Kybalion and Physics

In this 3rd episode of Modern Day Wizards I am joined by Michael David Moreno to discuss his theory of physics based on the laws of nature presented in the ancient Kybalion.

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Don’t Diss The Postnatal!

In many of these videos the postnatal is described in unflattering terms which is might be unfair and misleading. We all know suffering is baked into the pie but that doesn’t mean the pie should not be eaten. Life is for living. So – just a reminder that while the prenatal might be our preferred mode of being we should have respect for the basic nature of the material mode as well – lest we lose touch with reality.

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