Steve James Interviewed by Ashley of Inspire Initiative

Some weeks ago I was interviewed by Ashley from Inspire Initiative for his podcast.

Ashley has diverse interests and so he asked me about a wide range of topics including relationships, meditation practice, the pros and cons of polyamory, business strategy for meditation teachers, and more.

Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

0:00 Why does Steve live on a boat?
1:13 – What does Steve do for work?
4:36 – What is the most important thing in a relationship?
7:56 – Ashley’s unusual upbringing around romantic relationships
9:47 – Steve’s take on polyamory
14:31 – Religious conversion and relationship patterns
17:31 – Pros and cons of polyamory and seeking relational fulfilment
24:02 – Why have a relationship?
29:27 – Discovering your why
31:13 – Steve’s background in meditation
37:22 – Ashley asks Steve about his business and travel
43:44 – Steve’s advice for aspiring meditation teachers
49:42 – Enquiry over imposition
51:38 – Difficulties in assessing a teacher’s competence
54:18 – Routes to becoming a full time meditation teacher
58:56 – Ashley’s coaching strategy
59:45 – How to get started in meditation
1:05:49 – Which meditation techniques does Steve use?
1:12:42 – Ashley asks about Transcendental Meditation
1:16:16 – Does meditation unlock different states of consciousness?
1:21:24 – What is the best meditation to start with?
1:25:55 – Closing remarks

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