‘Get A Daily Practice’ Online Meditation Course! – starts February 1st!

The new ‘Get A Daily Practice’ online course is now available for registration!

Lasting the whole month of February, this course will help you build your own daily meditation practice.

Registration closes on February 1st.


About the Course:

More and more people today find meditation to be an enjoyable and meaningful part of their lives.

It is also widely held that regular practice is an important key to fully exploring all that meditation has to offer.

Yet despite this, many of us struggle to establish a regular daily practice.

One of the reasons for this is that people approach practice in an out-dated and inefficient way, from a poor understanding of what motivates and sustains enthusiastic engagement.

Helping people to establish a daily practice is an area of special interest of mineI’ve been a life-long practice enthusiastic, and after having made all the classic mistakes (and even inventing some new ones!), I’m happy to share some of my best ideas on the subject with you.

Inside The Course:

In this course we go step-by-step through the process of getting a daily practice.

You will receive weekly video lectures, guided meditations, Q&A’s, and access to a private Facebook group with daily meditation live-streams to support your journey.



1) Weekly Video Lecture – a prerecorded video lecture on topics ranging from strategies to establish a daily practice, finding your personal meditation posture, and more…

2) Weekly Guided Meditation – each week I introduce a new meditation technique with a downloadable guided meditation for you to practice along to.

3) Weekly Q&A – submit your questions or show up live on Zoom for a weekly Q&A to support your practice

4) Private Facebook Group – practice along with daily live-streamed meditations, ask questions, and connect with other group members.

5) Bonus content – questionnaires, bonus videos, and more each week.


Steve James Interviewed by Ashley of Inspire Initiative

Some weeks ago I was interviewed by Ashley from Inspire Initiative for his podcast.

Ashley has diverse interests and so he asked me about a wide range of topics including relationships, meditation practice, the pros and cons of polyamory, business strategy for meditation teachers, and more.


Audio version of this podcast also available on iTunes and Stitcher – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

0:00 Why does Steve live on a boat?
1:13 – What does Steve do for work?
4:36 – What is the most important thing in a relationship?
7:56 – Ashley’s unusual upbringing around romantic relationships
9:47 – Steve’s take on polyamory
14:31 – Religious conversion and relationship patterns
17:31 – Pros and cons of polyamory and seeking relational fulfilment
24:02 – Why have a relationship?
29:27 – Discovering your why
31:13 – Steve’s background in meditation
37:22 – Ashley asks Steve about his business and travel
43:44 – Steve’s advice for aspiring meditation teachers
49:42 – Enquiry over imposition
51:38 – Difficulties in assessing a teacher’s competence
54:18 – Routes to becoming a full time meditation teacher
58:56 – Ashley’s coaching strategy
59:45 – How to get started in meditation
1:05:49 – Which meditation techniques does Steve use?
1:12:42 – Ashley asks about Transcendental Meditation
1:16:16 – Does meditation unlock different states of consciousness?
1:21:24 – What is the best meditation to start with?
1:25:55 – Closing remarks

To find out more about Ashley, visit:


For more interviews, videos, and more visit:
– www.guruviking.com