Andy Brooksher Weapons Of Control

Control Theory
Andy Brooksher does an excellent job shining some light on the subject of control. One of the most powerful tools of war is information. Discussion covers a range of topics that highlight the need to question news and information sources. Why do people continue to trust the media when it is controlled by the rich and powerful? Here are some great reasons to rethink your government and news sources.
Start by checking out The Creature From Jekyll Island:
Andy’s website: Green River Alchemy
Winnipeg Alternative Media
New York Times Propaganda Link:…

True Media Roundtable Episode 2: Bravery and Honesty

This week the True Media Roundtable discusses morality. Ten brave individuals discuss matters of importance that we all face in today’s world. What does it mean to be a moral person? How do we integrate morality into our daily lives? Is it possible to change our society as a whole? How do we come into alignment with Natural Law? When we put our minds together, new possibilities arise. Thank you to everyone who showed up this week!

True Media Roundtable #1: 2020 Changes and Challenge

Researcher and presenter Mark Passio of ran a 23 week course this year for folks interested in learning the technical aspects of using a computer and the internet. The hope was to give students who have knowledge to spread truth far and wide on the internet. Recently the “How To Become The True Media” webinar came to a close. Many students are feeling ready to begin presenting publicly.
This discussion is made up of graduates from the True Media course who are seeking to now use their skills and teach Natural Law to others. Each member of the class who showed up for this roundtable discussion brought unique thoughts and ideas to share.
Our hope is to continue this discussion and offer others to join in the future. What did 2020 mean to you? What are the biggest problems and challenges for people who care about truth and freedom? What do we do with the knowledge we have discovered? These are a few of the tricky questions that we tackled in this episode.
Thanks to Mark Passio and his team for all the hard work and dedication they have put into The Great Work. Now it’s up to all of us to continue that legacy.

Owen Hunt: Silver Linings 2020

Autonomy link
Reality transurifng
Bootsy Greenwood Youtube
Most importing thing to Owen: “fostering community and connection and bringing joy to the world.”
“Write your own script”
“Be in your own body”
Meth pee:

Principle Of Freedom

For those who seek truth, love freedom, and dare to imagine a world without evil. It takes imagination, effort and initiative to challenge the powers that be. I am an abolitionist, I seek to end all types of slavery. To accomplish this, the journey begins with ourselves. In order to change the world we must bravely step into our own personal spiritual quest.

Are you ready to question your most deeply held beliefs? To stop believing and start knowing the truth?

Authority is not a necessity.
Evil is the destruction of freedom!

Corey Endrulat NITA.ONE

Corey Endrulat is helping folks with a simple message of unity, nature is the answer.

Only understanding & reasoning with ONE ROOTED TRUE
universal cause WILL UNIFY ALL; unity for change

have a voice to share? want to simply live life?
represent truth; represent your presence
to promote unheard voices; unheard truth

a stepping stone in the right direction;
representation of an idea is the first action

End Evil Presents Morality Matters: The Evil Inside

I want to address the number one problem in the world right now. People are confused about basic moral philosophy. Today I want to define what a RIGHT is.

I am having a hard time understanding why so many folks are forgetting about the importance of FREEDOM
Freedom is the condition in which human rights are respected, where freedom of choice is respected.

At what point should a human lose the ability to make their own choices? When that person violates the freedom or natural right of any other person. So, freedom means essentially do whatever you want as long as it is not harmful to others. Don’t infringe on other peoples ability to seek life love and happiness and they shouldn’t be cutting at your freedom either. Its simple kindergarten rules not hitting no hurting others.

It gets so complicated because humans want to write down all these complex rules and find exceptions to everything and load everyone down with endless complications. As humans it is important that we don’t allow ourselves to get bogged down with possibilities doubts and worries. We have to concentrate on the here and now and the people we deal with on an everyday basis. Imagine if someone you deal with every day, lets say your waitress or your mailman, all of the sudden demanded that you give them a percentage of your money or demanded that you dress all in pink or that you give them everything in your pockets. Any of those demands would be ridiculous. Most people don’t demand that those around them do anything. Most of us understand naturally that its not OK to force people to do things.

A right as defined by modern online dictionaries pretty much says, “freedom, or doing what is good and proper”

I have always been inspired by Mark Passio’s simple yet eloquent way of saying it, “A right is an action that does not cause harm”

In the movie aliens the face-hugger brings a familiar concept, the covering of the face and the allegorical theme of losing choice, or losing control, becoming a slave to a parasitic alien.